HTML5 Development

The latest evolution from HTML, the new improved version of the mark-up language has new attributes, elements and behaviors, As an organization that is committed to giving the best designs and content presentation for websites and portals, we embrace every recent version of mark-up languages. The key characteristic of the mark-up language is that it allows the creation of larger and more powerful applications and websites. In the pursuit to upgrade and excel in the technologies we use to create solutions for our clients, we understand that HTML5 is one technology to reckon with. Most of all, HTML5 is also essential for the creation robust websites that are capable of diverse and multiple functions.

The Advantages of using HTML5 :

  • Semantics: The mark-up language gives a flexibility to precisely describe your content, giving the necessary importance content needs.
  • Connectivity: With HTML5 communicating with the server back and forth is a job well done that gives a greater speed and better information dissemination
  • Storage Offline: It allows the webpages to store data locally and operate offline in a more efficient way
  • Multimedia: Provides excellent support on all audio and video content
  • 2D/3D Graphics & Effects: The language gives a lot presentation options and effectively displays 2D and 3D content
  • Integration & Performance: Enhances speed and optimizes performance eventually improving the use of computer hardware
  • Device Access: Allows access to a wide range of input and output devices
  • Styling: Allows the authors to create more themes that are robust and sophisticated.

HTML5 is an effective markup language that enables content creation and maintenance on multi-platforms. It facilitates the creation stylish tools on mobile devices irrespective of the OS. Our experienced and expert team of developers work to seamlessly integrate content and design on any platform be it Android, iPhone or Symbian, and this is transition from one technology to another is facilitated by HTML5.

The understanding of our developers of all leading mobile platforms combined with expertise of mobile development frameworks like PhoneGap, Titanium, Sencha, jquery, JSON, Bootstrap CSS, kendo ui, knockout js, CSS3 etc. provides our developers the power to think big and perform the best when it comes to website design and development. We give our best to include all the capabilities and features, to make sure that you get the best website design and content presentation with all the powerful features for a robust website.

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