About us

Quadruple Business Services is a young and dynamic company and believes in creating and building sustainable systems for business. Offering a host of specialized services, we customize solutions to enable businesses to optimize resources and increase productivity and profits. Our focus is to provide the client a unique edge that would empower resources and accelerate growth. Our team of architects and programming professionals always seek to re-invent conventional ways of design, process and application to give the solution a multi-dimensional utility.

Promoted by a team of individuals who are committed to adding value and standardizing process techniques, Quadruple considers every technological platform as an avenue to explore and arrive at efficient and effective solutions. We believe in lateral expansion as it allows us to stay competent and abreast with the recent advancements in every space of technology, and business processes. At Quadruple we align every activity to an attribute or characteristic of ours.

Our Attribute

Innovation for Perfection

We ideate our professionals to think out-of-the-box and re-invent systems and processes, and create perfect designs that reduce risk thereby facilitating businesses with the necessary momentum. Driven by a passion to be unique and competitive, our leadership team ensures that innovation is the moolah of every new project.

Diversified Dynamism

Our interest in diversified services and solutions are a result of our aspiration to expand laterally and leverage on that knowledge and experience. From Enterprise Application Programming to E-Commerce and Website Design our array of services speak for itself. Most importantly, we maintain dynamism in every space we venture.

Customer- Centric Culture

The Quadruple work atmosphere re-iterates customer focus in every process and activity. We ensure that our communication with the customer is seamless and addresses every queries proactively. We practice a uniform code of communication when it comes to informing the team about the customer's interests and preferences. We pursue every customer interaction or meeting with the motive to achieve a long standing and mutually beneficial partnership.

Strategic Knowledge & Talent Management

With our diverse aspirations and accelerated growth pace, we at Quadruple understand the importance of managing knowledge and talent. While capturing, distributing and effectively using knowledge is one key focus of the organization, our deployment of the right talent in the right role is another prime focus. By relentlessly pursuing for perfection in these two spheres, we believe to achieve quality of premier standards.

People Friendly

We believe in creating conducive and engaging work environments and peer interaction. Building approachable and open ways for employer- employee communication, we aspire to become 'A Great Place to work'. Our culture and values highlight our responsiveness to the community and to our employees, partners and customers.


To become a Global Organization with unparalleled processes and diversification


To Strive - We strive to be better. Whether it be in the services that we offer or the technology that we develop, we are continuously striving to reinvent ourselves into a more efficient organization.

To Seek - We are on a mission to seek out core sectors in the market, which have requirements and equip ourselves to match these requirements

To Find - We always want to find you, the perfect place, the perfect resource or the perfect technology solution.

Not to Yield -We respect people and honour our relationships. We will not yield to pressures of the market or competition if it involves compromising on our core values of honesty and integrity.

Group Companies

Quadruple Automation Services Pvt Ltd

Information Technology is inseparable with manufacturing processes in our world today and the growing demand for efficient world class execution systems led to the creation of Quadruple Automation Services (QAS).

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Quadruple Education Network Pvt Ltd

Progressive in ideas, young at mind, dynamic in execution, Quadruple Education Network Private Limited is an organization that stands for educational empowerment and believes in improving people's lives.

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Hiring Partner

Hiring Partner is a business service offered by Quadruple Business Services -the name behind all things technology. Located in Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, this conglomerate has its core business interests in software services...

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Quadruple firmly believe that we need to give back to the community what we take from it. By becoming actively involved in facilitating the development of the weaker sections in the society or in creating environmental awareness for a sustainable eco-system, we are taking to those small steps which help in creating a build of positive energy in our employees, customers, partners and the environment as a whole.

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