Web Designing

We build websites that enable your business to sustain, grow, and elevate your brand presence and image. With thousands of new businesses and related websites, entering the Internet everyday it is important to design and create a unique website that is competent, flexible and positioned in the right space for visibility and brand value. With the use of HTML5, Java Scripts, Photoshop, Flash, CSS etc., we create webdesigns based on the client's business objectives and competencies.

Responsive Design

Emerging as the next generation technique to develop websites, RWD has complete and robust solutions for website design irrespective of the device used. With the entry of tablets and other new devices, RWD facilitates optimal viewing on a wide range of devices. This meets user expectations in innumerable ways besides giving them an optimal viewing experience. Google has also endorsed or expressed its preferences in sites that are created using RWD making it an inevitable technique for website building.

Why RWD?

  • Facilitates easy reading across devices
  • Navigation made easy with minimum re-sizing and panning
  • Indifferent to the viewing environment and adapts the layout to it

Advantages of RWD

  • Compatibility: A webdesign done with the RWD approach or technique is compatible across all devices , from desktop monitors to mobile phones
  • Cost : It proves to be the most cost-effective technique as owning device specific websites would cost the company.
  • Usability: As responsive designs gives the same viewing and navigation experience to the user across different devices, your website will have increased usage for elongated periods of time, eventually increasing traffic and the volume of users.
  • Competitive: A website based on RWD, would be competitive enough to stay top of the Google searches. This gives your business a unique edge.
  • Future- Ready: RWD based websites enables change-making an easy and simplified process. Modifying or upgrading is an easy and simple process with less- cumbersome procedures. If a site designed today is not refreshed for 3 years, you can still make changes after 3 years even if there are new devices around that future date and time.

Our Elements in the Design Workshop

Designing Pattern

At the Quadruple Design Workshop, we ensure the use of high-quality custom graphics to design your website. Our focus is to highlight your message and complement the wide variety of information about your business products and services. Our attention to detail on maintaining the lowest possible bandwidth for the page, includes manipulating graphics to ensure minimum page- load time.

We also maintain consistency on the website design in every aspect and element. We ensure that the colour, layout, text, graphics and typeface are all well coordinated and highlight the vitals of the portal. Cropping, adding final touches and incorporating high quality colour scanning photographs can also be done based on the client's request.

Our design workshop follows a strict manual that details about providing easy access to the widest possible audience using phpL markup, browser compatibility, ease of navigation and Interactivity.


Our coding process is professional and proficient and we ensure the codes are well-organized, hand written , commented adequately besides ensuring minimum loading time. Our coding is easy to understand and will not be an adaptation issue if you so wish to employ a new coder for your website for future and further tuning of the website and services.

Search Engine Optimization

We design your website with the necessary elements required for SEO. For more on our SEO services

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We ensure complete browser compatibility, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Netscape Navigator, Firefox), backward version (versions 4.x and up), cross platform (Windows and Mac), While Internet Explorer is the most widely used browser we ensure that we not miss out on any other advantage. Quadruple India designs flexible easy to modify designs that allow designers to easily update and promote.

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