Mobile Application Development

With mobile phones becoming more than a regular part in our daily lives, we at Quadruple enable your business to gain that edge by building the right mobile applications you need. The Smartphone device adds more to what a regular phone can do making it a viable device to market business strategies and create newer avenues for business communication. The Smart phone device has also become a great way for companies to establish their brand and communicate to their target audience in many ways. Our custom made mobile applications create just the right connect you need for your business to make the maximum of this expansive market medium.

Our team of expert programmers understand your business and chalk out a design that would help you integrate your business on the mobile. We understand the current market trends and work on the two most in demand Operating Systems, the Android and the iOS.

Apps for Android

The use of the Android platform is booming and growing at the rate of an impressive 32%. It is commented by industry experts, that this growth is because of the open source nature of the operating system. With some distinct advantages, apps developed for the Android OS are widely used with great rates on user friendliness, and attraction. They is also enjoy a huge popularity in the 'Mobile passionate target segment'

Advantages of the Android Platform

  • Seamless sending and receiving of data across different mobile networks (eg : Wi-Fi, EDGE, GSM,CDMA, EV-DO, Bluetooth, EV-DO)
  • A Complete library of 2D and 3D graphics with an extensive range of audio and video files.
  • Is compatible with the features of Video camera, Touchscreen, accelerometer and magnetometer.
  • Interprocess communication (IPC) message passing.
  • Facilitates P2P using Google Talk.
  • Enables SQLite for data storage.
  • Useful for publishing Export and signing app
  • Ease of information access.

Apps for iOS

The widespread use of iPhone and its apps are definitely not a market and space to miss. The reason iPhone has been such a big hit is because of the hundreds of apps it has that caters to a wide range of users. Now with the advantage of uploading third party apps too on the device, it becomes a must- have for everyone. With absolutely no issues on copyright infringement or portability, it easily becomes a favorite app for millions of customers. Besides, it becomes a customer base that companies do not want to take amiss. Our team at Quadruple puts together the best iPhone app that would cater to your exact need and give you the required presence and acceptance with this huge customer base of IPhone. We believe in working with the clients when it comes to creating the app they need on the iPhone. Therefore we ensure:

User Interface Design and Prototype: This scalability approach by our team of app developers checks the sync between your requirements and the actual application development from start to end. Checking for its looks on the phone at the time of delivery, we also take your consensus at every critical point of time during development.

SDK Study: Latching ourselves on to the latest in the technology is a quality of every developer in Quadruple. Our promise on quality always conforms to the latest versions of Software Development Kits, and we take utmost care in aligning our work to it

Customization from design to delivery: We create apps that are tailor-made to fit your exact requirement, our able team puts on your thinking hat to deliver complete customer delight.

Phone Gap

As flexibility and future- proof are our key quality traits, we also have the expertise on the PhoneGap open source framework, a technology that allows us to build apps that are IOS, Android and Windows compatible. PhoneGap bridges the language and scripting gaps between the languages used to code for IOS, Android and Windows. It can be used for building quick cross –platform mobile apps with the use of HTML5, Javascript and CSS. PhoneGap gives the flexibility of just wrapping your app with PhoneGap and deploying it on the mobile!

Unique Advantages of Phone Gap:

  • Cross Platform
  • Speed of Development
  • Browser compatible
  • Futuristic
  • Simple to adapt
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