We do a lot of stuff when it comes to design right from a stand-alone project to a full-scale marketing campaign. Or to put it simply

“We create a face to your business, moulding it to look just the way you want it”

Graphic Design

  • Branding and corporate identity - (logo design, business cards, letterheads and envelopes)
  • Brochures, catalogues and flyers
  • Poster design, magazine design, book design and catalogue design
  • Direct mails
  • Promotional items
  • Calendar design
  • Merchandise design collateral
  • Custom graphics and illustrations

Website Design

  • Design and development
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Website analysis and re-design

We at Quadruple love to KISS, Keep it simple and silly. We favour the solidity of the concept and original minimalism over grand swooshes and sparkling manifestations.


Because essence matters.

Its more important for us to understand your brand and all that your company stands for and create a simpler way to reflect that. Instead of concocting up some sort of magnum opus that looks more part of a museum than a living, talking and breathing world.

Simple things stick in people’s minds and keeping this cardinal rule in mind we fashion simple yet strategic designs that not only will help you hire the best staff, attract the right investors but also win your staff and the public’s confidence.

We worked hard at our craft, Oh yes we have. We have all had to redefine our sense of aesthetics, understand the complex relationships colours share with each other naturally. Make sure not to disturb that fine balance and reproduce that harmony in our designs.

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